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Here are some reminders especially now I’m turning 25. Heuristics to ensure peace. Constantly changing.

“Self-learning implies a fresh, eager mind - a mind that is not committed, a mind that does not belong to anything, that is not limited to any particular field. It is only such a mind that learns” - J.Krishnamurti


  1. Actions over words. Do your work well.
  2. Escape competition through authenticity
  3. Work smart (not hard)
  4. Say less than you need to.
  5. Operate within your circle of competence
  6. Follow your genuine intellectual curiosity
  7. Look for people with Energy, Intelligence and Integrity (Buffet)
  8. Always ask questions. At school 24/7
  9. Learn outside of your field. Having distinct subsections of knowledge is a man made construction. There is a unity of knowledge.It all inter-relates and mixes.
  10. You can learn whatever you want on the internet. Information abundance, scarcity of desire to learn.
  11. Internet allows for permission-less creation. The tools of creation and distribution have been democratised.
  12. As always: you know nothing. Reason from first principles, and be aware of where you are not doing so.

Habits and Life

Habits are everything. They characterise the momentum of a life. As the adage goes:

intention becomes thought, thought becomes action, action becomes character, character becomes fate.

  1. Discipline is overrated. Habits are far more effective.
  2. You don’t rise to the level of your expectation, you fall to the level of your training
  3. Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. Do it every day
  4. Prioritise sleep
  5. Eat well (plant based, fish, nuts, vegetables). Nutrition has a profound biological effect
  6. Exercise and mobilise ( work on ensuring you maintain or improve range of motion)
  7. Strength train : calisthenics is effective and minimal
  8. Integrity above all.
  9. Radical honesty. Be open about your faults, private about your successes
  10. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  11. Writing is thinking. Journal to know what you think. Journal to make important decisions
  12. Information overload scatters attention. Be single pointed with attention whether doing a task or listening to a friend.
  13. Read - people much smarter than you have thought about it.

Dating, Relationships, Communication

  1. Core values of a partner have to align. Then the small things don’t matter
  2. Unconditional love is not yours to receive. But free to give.
  3. Judgement and comparison harm you first in every way. A hot coal you hold in your hand.
  4. Don’t assume you understand the others viewpoint. Ask questions to make sure you do
  5. As always, be open to learning here.

Self and Mind

Meditation is the most important skill I’ve learnt in these 25 years.

  1. Be kind. Words do matter.
  2. Accept. Life is a river of sensory information, largely up to your interpretation.
  3. Create good stories.
  4. Sit and listen closely to your mind. The thoughts, the undulations of the rustling leaves, feel wind blowing in between your fingers. Be curious. There is something profound here. It’s a different way of existing and relating to the contents of consciousness. Non dual awareness.

Grief, Death and Time

Losing the closest person in my life

  1. Old age and death are an indelible aspect of existence.
  2. Not ‘bad’, but the reality : ‘pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
  3. Grief : words can never explain a persons life.
  4. Grief comes in waves. Rather than resist, be curious and look. What is it that causes pain? Potential futures. Reminiscing about the past. Both stories.
  5. Time and attention are all you have. Allocate them well
  6. Be grateful for the time you have. Everything is on loan.


  1. We all need humour. Jokes, but never at the expense of another
  2. Total immersion in Netflix binge’s
  3. Long hair don’t care. Witcher goals
  4. I’m hopeful for Gen Z. Tik tok is great

I’m sure I’ll look back on this and disagree/ cringe. But here is a snapshot of current 25 year old me