== kensho ==


Turned 27. I am going to make some personal predictions.


  1. Career : At the moment, I can’t imagine doing anything other than radiology. Endlessly intellectually stimulating, purpose inbuilt, varied, time to enter flow states, social at work, chilled out. Prediction is : MSK/GI Radiology as a specialty.

  2. Love. Regular metta is slowly infusing the world with joy.

  3. Location : Trees/Forests nearby with easy access to the city. I have this now. Hopefully I will continue to be grateful for it. Habituation to location is corrosive. Die to each moment. See each moment anew, and the world is suffused with magic.

  4. Friendships : Reach out, open your door, form communities. The people make the place.

  5. Personality : Become more playful. Humour and self righteousness are mutually exclusive. The older I get, the less cynical/solemn/fearful/anxious I want to be. Anxiety and humour are two opposites of the same coin.

  6. Continually ask questions. Introspect. Journal. Sit. I don’t think this aspect of ‘me’ has slowed down as I’ve gotten older.

The best advice is not to tell people what to do, but to ask them the right questions. Find out what’s going on in their head, and help them frame that in away that’s useful." - David Allen

  1. Physically : Calisthenics and Cycling. I deeply enjoy both.

  2. Creatively : Guitar/Drums/Writing/Singing/Photos.