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TLDR : minimalism in a min. (no need to read a book on it now, thank me later)


Marie Kondo is a savage. But there is a reason she has become so popular. People often don’t have stopping points, or definitions for what is enough.

Especially in the realm of money and objects, the default tendency is for more. Desire is subtly an unpleasant feeling because the implicit message is ‘I am discontent until I get whatever it is I want’.

This is fine. But when you have too many desires, you end up being discontent all the time.

The solution is to :

  • define what exactly is enough. I’m allergic to Kondo’s language, but what exactly sparks joy? (I prefer – what are your priorities?).
  • Have a small basket of desires/priorities. Not too many
  • Gratitude for what you already have

She managed to write a few books on these ideas. Testament that it resonates deeply with most of the Western world.

I’m not going to tell anyone what to prioritise, but here are a few some older and wiser people have talked about :

  • Time abundance
  • Skill development/ Mastery
  • Relationships
  • Experiences > Objects

What we are really seeking is relationships, time and love. Money/objects are simply a tool to aid the process

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