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lost - forever chasing the ghost of optimal

What is the ‘most optimal’ training program? It is hard to know. But you can end up spinning your wheels by hopping from one program to another- constantly seeking the ‘best’.

Therefore you end up making no progress towards any specific goal.

It is better to stick with a program. Reap the benefits and move on. Why is this difficult?

Because we want results yesterday. We are inpatient. We want to be jacked, strong and flexible, holding front/back levers with full Planche.

The reality is : if you are in this for the long haul (i.e. decades)- it will take time. It is better to build a strong foundation to prevent injuries and in the longer run, make faster progress.


  • Stick to programs
  • When your goals change- (hypertrophy/strength/achieving specific skills - then change the training program.
  • Zoom out - think years/decades rather than weeks
  • Injury prevention should be 1# priority for a non-professional (arguably also for a pro)