== kensho ==


What is home? Is home an external place? What defines a home?

Take my childhood home. If my mother leaves, it it still my home? If my Father leaves, then what? What if the house stands empty, and becomes inhabited by strangers. Is this place still home?

The more I sat with this question, the more I realised that home is less a piece of soil, but more a piece of soul. It is not the physical building, but what one carries within. The beautiful clashing conglomeration of people inhabiting a space in time and a time in space. A movement rather than a fixed entity.

I thought that once I buy my own place, once I have my own space, I will be content. But this is a delusion.

The goal of buying and owning house is not going to satisfy. What I seek is really a spiritual home; a place inside of me where I could feel fulfilled at any time. One carries it with oneself.

Home is in the habits and routines you wear. Home is the people you choose to surround yourself with. Home is how and where you direct your attention. Home is the lens through one sees the world.

And inevitably your childhood view of home will vanish. The idyllic sense of safety and belonging that one experiences in a family home as a child evaporates. But it was always an apparition. A ghost.

Home is always changing and shifting. One is always creating a sense of home as you move through the world and the more porous the barriers become, the more you can feel alive and at home wherever you move.