== kensho ==


Updated : 16/7/21

Kallos: Beauty

Sthenics: Strength

Notes from Tim Ferris - Coach Summer

  • Strength without mobility is worth nothing

  • Best athletes are often not the strongest

  • 34:00 - There are stupid gymnasts and there are old gymnasts, but there are no stupid old gymnasts

  • Connective tissue takes much longer to strengthen than muscles. Not a fan of beginners training to failure for this reason

  • More is not better. There is an effective dose

  • Train smart (and hard)

  • You have a unique set of strengths. Some people find it easy to pack on slabs of muscle. Others are gifted with good flexibility. Focus on your strengths

Current Goals

  • Front lever

Long term Goals

  • Front lever
  • Straddle Planche
  • Press Handstand


  1. Program : Tom Merrick Skills Strength 3 - 3x a week

  2. Mobility : Stretch Therapy - off days

  3. Skills Training: Handstands

  4. Cardio/Cycling : Running on Off-days/Leg days


  • 27.5kg 1RM Pull Up
  • Dragon Flags
  • Tuck Planche
  • Handstand
  • Adv. Tuck Front Lever