== kensho ==

advice everyone knows

TLDR: advice everyone knows, but I often forget to follow

Wisdom is often just remembering to follow your own advice

Reminders for mental sanity below


  • Access to outdoor space and nature
  • organised environment
  • Sun exposure
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Time abundance
  • Exercise and move
  • Regular socialisation

meaningful struggle

You want to be working on meaningful problems - just close enough to the edge of your competency that you improve

Deliberate practice.

Autotelic activities- enjoying the process rather than striving for the outcome.

micro > macro

Micro problems over macro problems. You have not evolved have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

get off social media, and the news

You’re addicted to hyper-normal levels of stimulation. Switch it off and go spend time in the woods

creation > consumption

Create more than you consume

make irreversible decisions for peace of mind

We are happier when our decisions as irreversible rather than reversible

Otherwise you think ‘what if’ and question

write down your thoughts

Marcus Aurelius wrote down his thoughts in a private journal that became meditations.

Important to process.


This is the most important one for me. 30 minutes - 1 hour daily in the morning. Non negotiable.